Some great stories are short, while others are made up of many volumes. The thing they have in common is that they have the amazing capacity to draw the reader into the very essence of the tale. This is the story of Reunion, and we barely have an opening paragraph.


About 4 years ago, Matt and Bobbi Vincent began to pray and dream, feeling like change was in the wind. Without really knowing what might be next for their family, they decided to try and free themselves up and worked hard to explore in all directions. Part of this discernment process involved them selling their home in Hamilton, and relocating to Oakville. They were intentional to create space for things that gave life – family, friendships, creativity, food, laughter and faith. Eventually they believed that God was inspiring them to plant a new church in Oakville, something they never imagined when they began to pray and dream.


Reunion Oakville started in the Fall of 2014, with a bunch of friends hanging out in the Vincent’s living room. They dreamed of a place where faith, creativity and belonging would come together. A place where skeptics & spiritual seekers could explore, and followers of Jesus could reimagine and engage in the Kingdom adventure. As numbers grew, they moved to a local pub downtown on Sunday nights. We then moved to The Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts. Today, they meet weekly at the Film.ca Cinemas in Oakville, and also around the city in Midweek groups. 


An unexpected twist happened in the Summer of 2014, when Dave Drinkwalter and his wife, Susan, also following a sense of leading to plant a church in St. John’s, wondered out-loud about planting their community as a “Reunion.” Already good friends with the Vincent’s, they worked together on the idea of establishing local, independent churches, who were choosing intentional relationship and shared learning, rallying around a collective sense of calling and culture.

In the fall of 2015, a group of people started hanging out in a local coffee shop in St. John’s, exploring the teachings of Jesus, discussing Reunion’s culture statements and are now beginning to plan their launch.

What has emerged, is that Reunion Oakville and Reunion St. John’s are working together to plant healthy, vibrant spiritual communities in their respective cities. With a heart to introduce people to Jesus, share the hope and freedom they’ve found in him, and to plant more churches across the country - the new adventure is underway!


This is both, who we think we are and who we want to be.  

These six culture statements define the ethos and values of our community -- giving shape to how we choose to live into the current and coming adventure.  They are our best efforts to describe and capture what we believe God is calling us to pursue.  Each statement stems from our stories, our theology and is informed by the relationship we have with our denominational family, Be In Christ Church of Canada.